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EPIC Hotel Educational Series: Hotel Loyalty 101

When it comes to loyalty programs there are a lot of options available to hotels. From big branded programs, to cash back offers and homegrown alternatives, each has its own unique value proposition in the eye of consumers. With the ADR of loyalty guests on average 9% higher than that of OTA bookers, making sure these programs are successful and being maximized on property are crucial to a hotel's overall health.

In order to understand the value of each of these types of hotel loyalty programs, there is a lot of information that hoteliers need to know. As part of our EPIC Hotel Educational Series - Loyalty 101 we sat down industry experts, Jim Ganco (CEO and CoFounder of The Guest Book), Tim Roundtree (former Sr. Director, Wyndham Rewards) and Victoria Winter (Country Director of Marketing) to breakdown the key information hotels need to know.

As hotels look to navigate out of the Covid-19 crisis, leaning in on these types of programs, which were up significantly pre crisis, may be key for hotels as they look to build demand within their domestic markets. Throughout the conversation (click here to watch the full video) the group dives into a number of different topics, from explaining the basics, to breaking down the common misconceptions, to detailing why cash back programs are a great option for independent hotels and more.

Below each conversation topic has been broken down into short video segments. Take some time to check out the different clips, and become an EPIC Insider to make sure you get first access to all our educational content and exclusive tools.

  • Purpose of hotel loyalty programs

  • CRM versus Loyalty:

  • Different types of hotel loyalty points programs available:

  • Cash Back Programs


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