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Welcome Loyalty Expert, Tim Roundtree, to Epic's Advisory Board

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Off the success of EPIC’s Hotel Educational Series Loyalty 101, we are thrilled to announce Tim Roundtree has joined our Advisory Board, to become our counsel expert in loyalty. Tim joins board members Arvind Bala, Dev Koushik, Dr. Li, Ted Schweitzer and Victoria Winter who provide their thought leadership and industry experience in business analytics, digital marketing, revenue management and now loyalty to help elevate, educate and advance EPIC’s hotel partners.

Tim’s background in loyalty comes from his experience working for Wyndham Rewards. As the Senior Director, he oversaw the total value proposition of the program, both for Wyndham Reward Members as well as hotel owners. Prior to that role, he previously led Wyndham Rewards strategic partnerships team, which managed the relationships of over 30 partners worldwide.

Outside of loyalty, Tim has a well diverse background in hospitality. He began his career at Wyndham leading the strategy & analytics team that supported the global sales organization before transitioning into a member of the global strategy team. It was in that role, that he helped the executive committee develop their yearly strategic plans and led multiple projects focused on key initiatives for the company.

Prior to joining Wyndham, Tim worked for American Express in various finance functions and at Amex Ventures, where he helped source, evaluate, and execute early stage startup investment opportunities. Tim has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State and an MBA from Cornell.

Please join us in welcoming Tim, we are honored to have you as part of the EPIC Advisory Board Team!


Interested in our Hotel Educational Series: Loyatly 101? Checkout the full chat below!


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