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Matchmaker’s Guide: Finding Your Perfect Central Reservation System Partner - SynXis vs. iHotelier

Finding Your Perfect Central Reservation Systems Partner - SynXis vs. iHotelier

Welcome to the ultimate matchmaking event for Central Reservation Systems (CRS)! Today, we're here to help you find your perfect match between two eligible contenders: Synxis CRS and iHotelier CRS. Let’s dive into their profiles and see which one captures your heart and meets your business needs.

Meet the Contenders

SynXis CRS: The Reliable Powerhouse


Personality: Ambitious, well-connected, and detail-oriented.

Strengths: Extensive global distribution, advanced analytics, and seamless integration.

Challenges: Can be complex and demanding.

Why You'll Love SynXis:

If you’re looking for a CRS with extensive connections and powerful analytics, Synxis is your go-to. It promises to keep your hotel visible on a global scale and provide deep insights into market trends. Perfect for those who love a data-driven approach and don’t mind a bit of complexity.

iHotelier CRS: The Agile Innovator


Personality: Flexible, user-friendly, and innovative.

Strengths: Real-time dynamic pricing, intuitive interface, and robust customer support.

Challenges: Might lack the extensive reach of SynXis.

Why You'll Love iHotelier:

If you prefer a CRS that’s easy to use and quick to adapt, iHotelier is the one for you. It offers real-time updates and dynamic pricing that adjusts instantly to market changes. Ideal for those who value simplicity and flexibility in their technology.

Compatibility Checklist

Round 1: Distribution and Connectivity


Pros: Extensive global network, connects to OTAs, GDS, and direct channels.

Cons: Managing such a vast network can be overwhelming.


Pros: Seamless connectivity with real-time updates across all booking channels.

Cons: Might not have the same extensive reach as Synxis.

Matchmaker's Advice: 

If you need broad distribution and don’t mind complexity, SynXis is your match. For seamless and straightforward connectivity, go with iHotelier.

Round 2: Pricing and Revenue Management


Pros: Advanced analytics optimize rates based on comprehensive market data.

Cons: Adaptability to rapid market changes may be slower.


Pros: Dynamic pricing adjusts room rates instantly, providing unmatched flexibility.

Cons: Simplicity might overlook complex market data.

Matchmaker's Advice: 

For data-driven pricing strategies, Synxis is your partner. For real-time responsiveness, iHotelier is the better choice.

Round 3: User Experience


Pros: Feature-rich platform with extensive capabilities.

Cons: Steep learning curve, requiring significant training.


Pros: User-friendly interface accessible to a wide range of users.

Cons: May not offer the depth some advanced users seek.

Matchmaker's Advice: 

Choose Synxis if you’re ready to invest in training for robust capabilities. Opt for iHotelier if you prefer a system that’s easy to learn and use.

Round 4: Integration and Support


Pros: Flawless integration with various PMS and hotel software.

Cons: Flexibility can be limited.


Pros: Easy remote management with robust customer support.

Cons: Traditional integration might be less seamless compared to SynXis.

Matchmaker's Advice: 

For seamless integration with existing systems, Synxis is a strong choice. For modern management and great support, iHotelier is ideal.

The Perfect Match

SynXis CRS:

Best for large hotels or chains seeking extensive connectivity, advanced analytics, and robust features.

iHotelier CRS:

Ideal for small to medium-sized hotels valuing flexibility, ease of use, and dynamic pricing.

Matchmaker's Conclusion: 

Both SynXis and iHotelier bring unique strengths to the table. Your perfect match depends on your hotel’s specific needs and your preference for either a powerful, data-driven system or a flexible, user-friendly solution.

Share Your Experience

Have you found your perfect Central Reservation Systems match? Share your stories and insights in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your journey and which system won your heart!

Thank you for joining our Matchmaker’s Guide! For more detailed comparisons and expert advice, visit our website:

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