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Owner profitability is at the heart of our Revenue Management team.

Our main focus is to keep things simple so we both can focus on what matters most... top-line revenue that drives bottom-line results for the entire hotel. Most of our competitors only focus on the top-line but anyone can drive revenue and no one drives bottom-line results like Epic Revenue Consultants.


Sample of Services:

Revenue Management & Distribution Services

1. Annual Responsibilities

    • Completion of rooms revenue budget and forecast, 12 months

    • Establish realistic revenue goals including most profitable annual business mix

2. Monthly Responsibilities

    • Rooms revenue forecast per day and segment, current + 6 months

    • Review of present strategies, current + 3 months

3. Weekly Responsibilities

    • Weekly revenue strategy webinar with key management team to review pricing strategy

    • Weekly performance analysis (market segment and trend)

    • Weekly channel review and optimization including sell strategy by channel

4. Daily Responsibilities

    • Daily public Rate of the Day pricing

    • Development and optimization of public rate strategy

    • Ad-hoc communication for 24/7 coverage to maximize inventory opportunities