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Team EPIC for the win!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

This past Wednesday on May 6, 2020, Team EPIC participated in the first ever revenue management simulation strategy game. Hosted by Level60 Consulting, the game was based on generating the greatest profit over a limited number of rounds, and featured revenue management experts from all over the United States. With COVID putting a halt to all live sports, dare we say it was the most exciting livestreamed event of the week?!

Spoiler alert...we won!

Team EPIC was comprised of long-time friends and industry colleagues from Epic Revenue Consultants and Kriya RevGEN;

  • Founder - Abe Salam

  • Co-Founder - Inder Banga

  • President & Founder - Bill Daviau

  • Senior Revenue Manager - Daniel Foreman

Overall, it was a great showing for Team EPIC winning 3 of the 4 rounds of profit generation and most importantly being crowned the first ever champions! EPIC represents Extraordinary Profit through Innovation & Collaboration, and we used that commitment and promise to our owners as our guiding principle for the game!

EPIC represents Extraordinary Profit through Innovation & Collaboration

At the end, we averaged the highest posted price profit, highest deal price profit and overall profit with $26,982, which was $1,212 higher than the next nearest competitor.

What a great revenue management simulation and showing from our competitors! A big thank you to Level60 Consulting, Erik Browning, Chris Anderson and Ricardo Anders for hosting and being awesome commentators. We definitely look forward to participating again!

In case you missed it, you can catch the whole game on Twitch.

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About Epic Revenue Consultants Interested in learning about what Epic Revenue Consultants can do for you? Our team of experts has experience across the United States in primary, secondary and tertiary locations working for a variety of brands and hotel products that range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, to hotel and hostel style accommodations, and to economy and luxury based properties. Epic’s implemented software and deployed revenue management services is across a portfolio of hotels with over $50 million in top-line revenues. With a proven track record of 12% growth in RevPAR and over 25% savings in third party commissions, EPIC looks to drive top-line revenue while optimizing distribution costs to maximize profitability. Finally, our cloud-based business intelligence tool is one of the most sophisticated in the industry and a cost conscious solution for hoteliers. Connect with us today by visiting us online, giving us a call @ 908-340-6633 or e-mailing us at info@epic-rev.com!

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