• Inder Banga

Story of Reopening: Understanding the Higher Costs of Housekeeping and Cleanliness

Due to the trying times that we are experiencing thanks to Covid-19, hotels are looking at whole new set of challenges as they look to reopen their doors. One of the areas that will see the greatest shift, will be the standards of cleanliness. With many industry watchdogs suggesting that expenses could increase as much as 20% per occupied room, what does this mean for limited service properties or those independent hotels without big brand support who already operate on such tight margins? To help prepare you, below we have pulled together a few areas, that we at EPIC believe you should be ready to action on:

  • Staffing: According to HotelManagment.net it can be expected that hotels will see a significant uptick in the time it takes to clean a room - shifting from around 30 minutes to 45 minutes. This change will significantly decrease the productivity of the staff and increase labor costs as well as material costs all affecting your bottom line.

  • Public Spaces: Will become more and more of a focus as we work to create trust with our guests and put our housekeeping team on full display. When in the past we hide our cleaning from the public overnight, now we will be looking to create a Theater of Cleanliness with public displays of cleaning and clear messaging to our guests. If the guest doesn't know about it you wont get credit for it.

  • Public restrooms will need to be cleaned more regularly, with records on display, we may look to automate elevators to stop at every floor to avoid guests touching buttons. Electro static disinfection will become a norm. Scheduled deep cleaning will also become more and more of a focus.

  • Preventative maintenance: Air handling systems will become more and more stringent and regular, with forecasted lower OCC this is likely to be a good opportunity to get your teams in rooms to work. However this is also the challenge that the cost will increase as a % of revenue.

We know there is a lot for hoteliers to think and action on… from employee and guest safety, to understanding costs of operations and implementing new standards all the way to forecasting your expenses. Our team at Epic Operations is here to help you. If you have questions on any of the information above, or if you are looking for guidance with how to roll this all out, connect with us today and see how together we can conquer this new normal together.

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