• Victoria Winter

Ready to Reopen... Now What?!

As hotels around the world open their doors and welcome guests, the impact of COVID-19 has left many properties running at reduced staff levels and some even with just one or two running the entire property. With all the safety measures that need to be done in this new post Covid landscape, it is no surprise that hoteliers have been busy keeping the hotel clean for incoming guests but it often comes at the cost of a hotels digital health.

With consumers eager to get out and explore this summer, there is no better time to check your content, rate parity, social presence, meta opportunities and more. To help you out in this time of need, EPIC is offering a FREE Wellness Check for your property.

Sign up today to become an EPIC Insider and get access to your FREE Hotel Wellness Check. We will review the following items and follow-up with an free hour of consultation on improvements you can make to ensure your property is digitally healthy.


Don't delay, take advantage and let's help your reopening be EPIC!

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