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Professor of Business Analytics, Yibai Li, PH.D., Joins ERC Advisory Board

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Another HUGE addition to the Epic Revenue Consultants Advisory Board!

We are joined by the brilliant Yibai Li, Ph.D., an associate professor of business analytics at the University of Scranton! Dr. Li joins Inderpreet Banga and Ted Schweitzer who are also designated experts in their fields of Distribution and Digital Marketing. Now with Dr. Li, Epic Revenue Consultants has experts in not only Revenue Management but in Distribution, Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence and Analytics. The level of collaboration is rare and one of the key items of what sets Epic Revenue Consultants apart from other consulting agencies.

Let’s get into some additional background on Dr. Li! He has a Ph.D. in information systems, master of science in management information systems, double bachelor’s degree in computer science and business administration. He has more than 10 years of experience in the scientific research of business analytics, data mining and machine learning and their applications in the hospitality management. He has published more than 30 papers or books in these areas. He serves as a chair for the Augmented Artificial Intelligence theme at a top international conference HICSS (The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences) . He teaches extensively on the topics such as business intelligence, data mining, data warehousing and etc. He developed and co-founded the Hotel Business Management Training Simulation (www.hotelsimulation.com).

What a welcomed addition to the ERC team. We are thrilled to be joined by such a distinguished scholar and entrepreneur.


About Epic Revenue Consultants

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