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Digital Marketing Expert Joins ERC Advisory Board

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Last week, Epic Revenue Consultants (ERC) had some really exciting news not only for our hotel partners but also the industry. We welcome Ted Schweitzer, President of DirectBooking IQ, to the ERC Advisory Board. Here are a few things about Ted:

Ted is the President of Direct Booking IQ, a boutique agency that specializes in the digital marketing space with a focus on the marriage of data and intelligence applied to enhance bid management. Prior to founding Direct Booking IQ, Ted most recently served as Senior Vice President, Digital Commerce & Media at La Quinta Holdings, Inc. In this role, he oversaw all product direction including mobile, apps and desktop sites, onward distribution and media. During his time at La Quinta, the company grew from 350 hotels and $20MM in digital revenue to over 900 hotels and $1.5B in digitally booked revenue annually. Before joining La Quinta, he was Director, Channel Distribution at Choice Hotels International. Early in his career, Ted served in multiple management positions of several Holiday Inn branded hotels in Oklahoma City. This is where he began his career in hospitality as a bellman in high school. The travel industry is clearly in his DNA and the evolution of digital marketing keeps it fun!

We are ecstatic of the opportunity and knowledge that Ted brings to the Advisory Board. Digital marketing is one of the most important aspects for a hotel to capitalize and drive direct traffic. It includes but not limited to on-going content strategy on the hotel website, efficient but budgeted spend in performance marketing and competitiveness in the metasearch channel. All of these impact how a hotel can remain competitive in a space that, especially as an independent, can be drive many bookings to OTAs and other third parties.


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