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Epic Revenue Consultants Welcomes Hospitality Expert Arvind Bala to Advisory Board

Updated: May 14, 2020

With over two decades of hospitality experience working for leading luxury brands in Asia, the Middle East and North America, Epic Revenue Consultants is delighted to welcome Arvind Bala to its Advisory Board. With a diverse background of on-property, regional and global brand experience working in numerous countries and regions, Arvind brings with him a unique understanding of the hospitality landscape, and has become an expert in bringing products to market and to consumers globally.

Highly regarded amongst his peers, Arvind career has provided him with exposure collaborating with a diverse range of people and industry segments, working in Channel and Distribution Marketing, Revenue Management, Hotel Opening Operations, Call Centers and among Sales & Marketing Teams.

Most recently, he was the Senior Director of Global Distribution and Channels for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. With over 120 hotels spanning 47 countries in their portfolio, he was responsible for establishing distribution and channel strategy for the brand globally. This included turnkey management of all third-party global contracts, connectivity and distribution operations as well as performance and optimization of the globally contracted channels. Arvind has received a Master’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality (SCL), a Post Grad in Marketing Management and numerous certifications in Revenue Management and Distribution Management. We are delighted to bring Arvind on board to leverage his versatile experience and leadership expertise. As we look to help transition our hotel partners through these post Covid times, we know that it will be more important than ever to ensure the revenue, sales and marketing segments are operating in step.


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