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EPIC Refreshed

Updated: May 20, 2020

Building upon the success that Epic Revenue Consultants have had since its inception, we are continuing to grow our business by expanding our organization services. As we embark on this exciting time, we’ve evolved our logo to encompass the identity and ethos of this direction.

To introduce our new brand vision, we wanted to share with you the meaning behind it:

The concept of “EPIC” brings to life our company’s mission to lead the industry with comprehensive offerings in Revenue Management and Business Intelligence… delivering Extraordinary Profits through Innovation & Collaboration.

  • Extraordinary Profits denotes our commitment to going above and beyond top-line revenues to generate bottom-line results. Many revenue managers view hotel revenue and RevPAR as the sole guiding statistic, but we know that is not enough for owners; GOPPAR and profit wins.

  • Innovation ties back to our organization's belief of constant evolution whether through adoption of new revenue strategies, utilizing new technology providers or enhancement of our cloud-based EPIC Reporting system. As the industry evolves, EPIC Revenue Consultants is on the forefront of innovation.

  • Collaboration is the most crucial aspect of our namesake as we always put our owners and clients interests ahead of our own, the engagement and goal setting of our partners is paramount to their success. Our owner's success is our success and that always comes back to collaboration.

The color blue featured throughout the logo is symbolic, as this color signifies trustworthiness, loyalty and wisdom. The Epic team is composed of individuals who have built extraordinary reputations throughout the industry in revenue management, operations, distribution and marketing. Our established clients trust us and our knowledge to make the best decisions for them. The color shading is intentional, as it reflects our growth and expansion of service offerings. In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling differentiated products and tiers to address the needs of hotels today. By understanding that each hotel and owner has different needs, we know that we will be best able to support them through various service offerings. While revenue management is at the core of what we do, it is truly just our guiding light. We are excited to continue our path forward, driving more profit to owner operators across the globe!


About Epic Revenue Consultants:

Interested in learning about what Epic Revenue Consultants can do for you? Our team of experts has experience across the United States in primary, secondary and tertiary locations working for a variety of brands and hotel products that range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, to hotel and hostel style accommodations, and to economy and luxury based properties. Epic’s implemented software and deployed revenue management services is across a portfolio of hotels with over $50 million in top-line revenues. With a proven track record of 12% growth in RevPAR and over 25% savings in third party commissions, ERC looks to drive top-line revenue while optimizing distribution costs to maximize profitability. Finally, our cloud-based business intelligence tool is one of the most sophisticated in the industry and a cost conscious solution for hoteliers. Connect with us today by visiting us online, giving us a call @ 908-340-6633 or e-mailing us at info@epic-rev.com!

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